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What I’ve Learned After 1-Year, 35 Lbs Weight Loss on Keto Diet

Keto Weight Loss Before and After Pic

This November marks my one year anniversary eating low-carb, high-fat. It got me to think about the most important lessons learned.

One year ago, I had no idea where this path would lead. I was doing my best to adapt to the keto diet but there were plenty of days where self-confidence was lacking.

As you can see from the before and after weight loss photo above, I’m in better shape today than I’ve ever been!*

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Weight Loss Update – October 2016

Keto Weight Loss Tracking - October 2016I began to believe this a couple months ago, but it’s becoming abundantly clear – my weight has settled between 139-143 lbs.

Could I restrict carbs to a crazy level and attempt shedding even more body fat? Of course.

But I don’t want to do that. I found a good balance between eating the correct macro composition, enjoying the foods I eat, and having extra carbohydrates on certain occasions. Rarely do I take an entire “cheat day” from morning to night stuffing my face.

Instead, I stuff my face for 2-3 hours after intermittent fasting all day until late afternoon/dinnertime. This usually makes me feel terrible for the rest of the night, and I wake up the next day ready to start a streak of low-carb days.

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Weight Loss Update – September 2016

weight-loss-sept-2016My birthday was at the beginning of this month, and I turned 31.

Looking back on the year, I made much progress towards better health and achieving long-term goals. A big motivating factor for going keto was turning 30.

I wasn’t getting super deep or philosophical, instead knowing that the time was now to work towards my vision of an ideal lifestyle because life doesn’t last forever. Youth is even more fleeting.

That lit a fire under me for sure.

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Weight Loss Update – August 2016

Keto Weight Loss Update August 2016The downward weight loss trend continues, and I’m actually beginning to become surprised. Once I stopped tracking calories, I thought that my maintenance weight would be in the mid 140’s.

However, this month I weighed in the 130’s for the first time since growing up.

This also included about 3-4 times where I cheated with carbs, but I’m so tuned into the keto diet that I immediately want to get back on track after a binge such as this.

I immediately feel worse, and it usually lasts until the next day. And at this point in my life, I’m trying to limit the amount of time I feel crappy because of eating crappy.

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Weight Loss Update – July 2016

Weight Loss Chart on Keto Diet - July 2016

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