Weight Loss Chart on Keto Diet - Feb 2016


Starting Weight: 159 lbs

Ending Weight: 155 lbs

Monthly Weight Loss: 4 lbs

Total Weight Loss (Since 11/1/2015): 21 lbs


This was an odd month for several reasons.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the abundance of lower calorie intake days in the first half of the month, followed by higher calorie intake days in the second half.

From 2/6/2016 to 2/14/2016, I was watching my sister’s puppy, Enzo. I knew he would be a handful, so I prepared a lot of food in advance and froze it for this week.

Having him around was definitely an adjustment to my schedule. There were times when I wanted to eat but he was being calm, and I couldn’t bring myself to walk into the kitchen where he would follow me and resume torturing.

The one glaring positive was the increase in my activity level.

During the week, I walked him more each day from 4.3 miles on day one to 5.9 miles on the last day.

There is no doubt, having a dog will make you happier and healthier! For now, though, I’m happy with watching my sister’s and parent’s dog when needed and having time to myself.

When he left on 2/14, I think the combination of more exercise plus under-eating led to me becoming ravenous in the following week.

In a span of 10 days while watching the pup, my weight dropped from 158 to 152, then returned to 155-156 by the end of the month. I’m sure water weight was a huge part of this equation since I probably didn’t hydrate as well as I could have on the heavy exercise days.

I also had my first major cheat since the holidays this month on 2/20 – an Apple fritter donut and chocolate chip cookie from Wawa.

It wasn’t the high quality treat I should have eaten, but I allowed myself to give in this night knowing I’d get back on track the next day.

Sometimes, that’s what you need to do to stay sane and continue the long-term goal.


  • Having the dog doubled my daily walking average from 1.4 miles in January to 2.9 miles in February
  • I fasted the first day with the dog, except for a few spoonfuls of a Lime Curd Ice Cream made that day
  • On 2/13, I had one meal but it was chili with beans (i.e. carbs) that I made/froze before starting keto diet
  • Despite exercising more and eating less, I didn’t have crazy hunger, so I think my body is adapting well to burning fat for fuel

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