Weight Loss Chart Keto Diet - June 2016


Starting Weight: 144 lbs

Ending Weight: 144 lbs

Monthly Weight Loss: 0 lbs

Total Weight Loss (Since 11/1/2015): 32 lbs


keto-reeses-peanut-butter-cupsThis was the first month where I think I reached a plateau for my weight.

For six straight months, I steadily lost weight*. Sure, there were weeks where progress was stagnant. However the long-term trend gave me the necessary motivation to stay accountable.

Despite a significant reduction in belly fat after losing over 30 lbs*, I know my core, back and arms need more strength.

My focus is on increasing my workout schedule so I’m being more consistently active with weights or resistance training.

In terms of eating this month, I went off the wagon for a few extra cheats here and there (mostly cookies and danishes). Yet I’m more mindful of how bad I feel after eating too much sugar, and get back on the keto train soon thereafter.


  • I measured my all-time low weight at 141.8 lbs (so crazy to me, possibly dehydrated!)
  • My activity level was again high at 3.6 miles per day
  • Most of this was dog sitting and landscaping work
  • I don’t always wear watch/phone to track activity (~80% of the time)
  • I cheated with sweets more often than I should have this month
  • To counteract this, I made a few keto sweets in bulk (like pictured PB Cups)

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