Keto Weight Loss Update May 2016


Starting Weight: 147 lbs

Ending Weight: 144 lbs

Monthly Weight Loss: 3 lbs

Total Weight Loss (Since 11/1/2015): 32 lbs


Well this month is noteworthy, because as you’ll notice from the photo, I stopped tracking my daily eating!

I didn’t really plan on it, but it’s been more than 6 full months of being insanely accountable – and it’s paid off 100%.

I still believe that you should track what you eat if you are serious about losing weight at the beginning stages. That’s when you need to break bad habits and develop good ones.

However, I’m not too worried about relapsing.

Eating more fat in my diet has been the best thing to control hunger and satisfy any urges.

Even if I have something that is relatively high in carbs, I’m finding it easier to balance my diet around that “cheat” so I don’t go into self-destruction mode.

Usually I’ll fast for a meal before or after eating carb-heavy. Or make sure that I do so near physical activity so I burn some off immediately.

The other beautiful part is that we’re just entering summer, so my activity level will continue to be high.

My next step is really going to be testing…

I want to do experiments with eating certain foods and seeing how it affects my blood sugar, one or two hours after ingesting.

I never dreamed of getting my weight into the 130’s, I even think that may be too low. Now that I have the diet figured out at 144 lbs, it’s time to bump up my heavy lifting with kettlebell exercises to get more muscle definition.


Greens from my garden

  • I’m harvesting serious amounts of greens from my garden, tomatoes and green beans should be coming in the next month or so!
  • My last tracked day involved all vegetables for dinner – carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts and avocado (this was simply getting rid of old freezer items)
  • I had my first slice of real pizza in months, and it didn’t disappoint – but still love the low carb cauliflower pizza
  • Cheat days on Mother’s Day and Memorial Day
  • The morning after Memorial Day my blood sugar was 104, the highest ever recorded so far, but not surprising after cheat

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