Weight Loss Stats Nov 2015


Starting Weight: 176 lbs

Ending Weight: 169 lbs

Monthly Weight Loss: 7 lbs

Total Weight Loss (Since 11/1/2015): 7 lbs


This was my first month on the ketogenic diet!

After weeks of consideration, I made the decision to go keto after listening to podcasts by Peter Attia and Dom D’Agnostino.

You can read more of my backstory here, but the quick rundown is I have been on the chunky side my entire life. Never considered myself obese but definitely overweight.

About two years ago, I lost 20+ lbs* to bring me into the 140’s following the slow-carb diet made popular by Tim Ferriss.

The problem was I achieved great results and became complacent. One cheat day a week led to two, then three.

Before I knew it, I stopped making healthy decisions and gained every pound back slowly over a 2 year span.

That’s what brought me to learning about the ketogenic diet and ketosis.

It does take a mindset shift to come to grips with eating tons of fat. Not to mention the body adaptation period.

The first month didn’t come without a few hiccups.

I noticed days where I got headaches or a sudden sense of lightheadedness. This is what many refer to as the “keto flu”. After research, I found that this is usually a result of lack of minerals like sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Maybe it was a placebo effect kind of thing, but anytime this feeling would set in, I’d grab salt and lick some out of my hand. While not completely solving it, the symptoms seemed to lessen relatively quickly after doing so.

The easy supplement to take care of this is chicken stock or bone broth, which contains a lot of these helpful minerals and other healthy stuff.

With holiday season in full swing, I thought it was important to get a start early before Thanksgiving hit to develop some better habits.

I’d say overall, the first month was a success despite the limited weight loss in the 2nd half of the month.


  • I started eating keto a few days before tracking food consumption
  • Tracking may seem tedious, but it makes you VERY accountable
  • I built a Google Spreadsheet to make tracking food easy (and I estimate often)
  • I’m more worried about managing carbs vs. being crazy strict
  • I ate a carb-heavy Indian dinner with my parents less than a week into diet
  • Thanksgiving was a cheat day (and motivating factor to start diet early)
  • Other than these two cheats, I stayed under 45 total carbs each day in November
  • I weighed myself often – this was mostly impatience, but also wanting to understand
  • Most of my weight lost was in the 1st half of month, probably water weight
  • I likely retained water weight for a few days after feasting on Thanksgiving

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