weight-loss-sept-2016My birthday was at the beginning of this month, and I turned 31.

Looking back on the year, I made much progress towards better health and achieving long-term goals. A big motivating factor for going keto was turning 30.

I wasn’t getting super deep or philosophical, instead knowing that the time was now to work towards my vision of an ideal lifestyle because life doesn’t last forever. Youth is even more fleeting.

That lit a fire under me for sure.

That said, in the 3-day window centered around my birthday, I allowed myself to more or less “go nuts” with carbs in the evening.

I still love desserts. And I had several types of real sugary desserts in those days.

They are like old friends nowadays. Some people proclaim, “I don’t even want to eat sweets now.”

Safe to say, that has never gone away for me! Never have I encountered a cookie where I said, “ew, this is too sugary”.

Instead my thoughts are, “Why aren’t more of these in my mouth?”

Case in point: I went overboard at the end of the month on one particular day where I consumed: cheese danish, jelly donut, Boston creme donut, fries and a soft pretzel. Within about 90 minutes. I didn’t plan this out and ate a large low-carb breakfast that day, too.

Two hours later, incapacitated, I felt simultaneously dehydrated and bloated.

I couldn’t stomach drinking water, even though it’s exactly what my body needed to process the junk that was in my system.

No surprise, I felt terrible and eventually threw up, immediately feeling the relief from my stupidity.

The positive is that I always recover from these episodes and maintain my weight with a strict week or two afterwards.

And I always feel noticeably better when I’m eating a keto-style diet, well hydrated and on a normal sleeping schedule.


Starting Weight: 139 lbs

Ending Weight: 143 lbs

Monthly Weight Loss: 4 lbs (gained)

Total Weight Loss (Since 11/1/2015): 33 lbs


  • First month my scale went up, although it’s probably water weight!
  • Probably my most cheat-heavy month since starting the keto diet
  • Month #3 of consistent strength training – definitely feel results
  • I walked less this month, even though I did more HIIT
  • I ate a lot of beef, want to include more fish in my diet in coming weeks

Monthly Meals







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