One of the benefits of tracking my foods is sharing what I eat in one day on the keto diet. This is the first part of many.

It’s by far the question people ask the most when they find out you eat 60-80% fat.

With that said, consider my daily keto eating examples with this in mind:

  • Every person has unique dietary needs
  • I don’t consider my diet perfect by any means
  • There was a lot of daily fluctuation, but I hit monthly average goals
  • Your situation may require less or significantly more calories
  • I am not a doctor or nutritionist, and don’t pretend to be!

So there you go – use my daily keto eating logs as a template if you want to get started on the diet.

But don’t take my word as gospel. Safely test for yourself to find out what eating habits will work for your weight loss goals. And make sure that you can sustain these habits long-term.

What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet

What I Eat on Keto Diet in One Day - Pt 1

Keto Eating Log Comments

One of the staples on pretty much any diet is eggs. As you can see from the numbers, they are almost 50% each fat and protein, with no carbs.

I don’t normally eat 6 eggs in a day, but this was likely because I limited meat consumption.

I often make 3-4 egg omelettes, because they are a fast and easy meal at breakfast or lunch.

To save a little time, you can saute your vegetables in advance and then add them throughout the week. This one was even more substantial because it included cubed ham, avocado, and a cheese sauce.

The cheese sauce is a staple for me to add on meats or veggies, and it’s so easy. Add chunked cheese to a small bowl with a tablespoon or two of heavy cream, then microwave for 10-20 seconds (or longer depending on amount).

This may have been a day where I was intermittent fasting, hence one big meal plus snack-type foods.

However, the snack foods are also staples when I get a craving and don’t feel like cooking.

I’ve always been a chocolate fiend. Pepperoni is another story. To me, it was a 4th level pizza topping for years, but it’s making a comeback now that I’m on the ketogenic diet.

Nuts (along with chocolate) are the two foods that I have to actively manage how much I consume, because I could eat 1500 calories in a sitting.

Final Thoughts

According to keto calculators, this was the amount of calories for weight maintenance, not weight gain or weight loss.

In terms of the macro-nutrient breakdown, this was right in my ideal range for protein and carbs.

My protein level should be around 70-100 grams per day.

And I wanted to keep fiber in my diet, so 30-50 grams per day of carbs was good for me (this is total, so maybe 15-30 grams net).

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