Keto Diet Weight Loss Results - Before and After

As you can see from the before and after photo, I’ve lost 30+ pounds since starting the keto diet less than a year ago* (same weight as my 2013 self).

Moving forward, the challenge now is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with balance that includes the occasional carb-fest once every few weeks.

But I gotta be honest – I think it’s going to be easier by eating more fat, because it’s been the best diet for curbing hunger and unhealthy urges.

Thinking back, there are several major habits I needed to break to get to this point.

Before Keto Diet

  • Ate something sweet everyday – Cookies, pastries, ice cream
  • Ate bread everyday – Toast, rolls, croutons, crackers
  • Ate fast food 3-4x per week – Wendy’s, Wawa, Dunkin Donuts
  • Ate processed food – Mostly snacks and breakfast cereal/bars
  • Stayed up past 2AM routinely – I was always a night owl
  • Ate high calorie/carb meals before bed – Usually sugar or bread

After Keto Diet

  • I still eat something sweet most days! – 90% Chocolate or Swerve
  • No bread – Make a couple low-carb versions
  • No fast food – OK, I got a baconator without bun a few times
  • No processed food – Grocery store perimeter is fresh, aisles are junk
  • Morning person – This took me a LONG time, but the keto diet has helped
  • Limit food before bed – I’ll snack a bit, but try to eat large meals late afternoon

There are days that I give in and get a chocolate chip cookie. The old me would be eating about 10 of them.

But what tracking has done is keep me concerned with the monthly or running average – one cheat will not kill me or my momentum.

In fact, it has helped because I will often plan a cheat around a time when I’ll be more active than usual. This may not make a major difference, but it definitely makes me feel better about it!

And I laugh, because now a bad day for me is eating over 100 carbs even with a reasonable amount of calories. Before the keto diet I was regularly eating 200-400 carbs everyday and probably 500 calories too many.

The key is to make a few small changes at a time and develop the positive habits. If you overwhelm yourself with everything at once, it may be a recipe for failure.

What are your before and after results on the keto diet?

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