For the first 6 months eating low-carb on the keto diet, I counted every calorie/macro to help me lose over 30 lbs*.

But more important than weight loss was learning about how nutrition affects my body.

That’s why I created a spreadsheet that tracks macros, vitamins & minerals plus other important health factors such as body weight, blood sugar, ketone level, heart rate & distanced walked.

I want a complete picture of my wellness, and this custom and automated Food & Health Tracker Spreadsheet gives me exactly that – all the numbers at a glance.

Get Food & Health Tracker Spreadsheet!

Features & What’s Included:

  • Food & Health Tracker Spreadsheet – Created with Google Sheets
  • Full Macronutrient Profile – Track fiber, net carbs, saturated, mono, poly, omega-3 & omega-6
  • Full Micro-nutrient Profile – Track 25 Minerals & Vitamins
  • One-Button Logging – Automatic feature to save you manual keystrokes when you log your daily totals
  • Automatic PDF Creation – Saves a PDF copy of your daily log within Google Drive
  • Lock-in Future Updates – New features are planned such as recipe logger and tracking which foods you consume the most long-term
  • Direct E-mail Access – I’ll personally answer questions if you need help using the spreadsheet
  • 150+ Daily PDF’s of Everything I Ate for 6 Months on the Keto Diet!

Why Track Macros?

  • You Are Unique: How else can you learn how nutrition affects YOU?
  • Genetics: Book nutrition doesn’t account for genetic differences
  • Bad Studies: Book nutrition is based on shaky science
  • Dial In Your Diet: Certain macro-composition may make you feel great
  • Steady Blood Sugar: Test blood sugar response to foods and meals or your fasting glucose level each morning
  • Accountability: What gets measured, gets managed
  • Ability To Estimate: It’s hard to “eyeball” an ingredient and know the nutrition until you track for weeks
  • Track Trends: Long-term trends require short-term data points to average
  • Eating Log: You can repeat a day of foods, or share to help friends/family when they see your progress
  • Micro-nutrients: Vitamins and minerals are highly important but often hard to track
  • Fat Composition: Omega-3 vs. omega-6, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats
  • Net Carbs & Protein: Getting these correct will accelerate weight loss and maintain muscle instead of losing it

Why NOT Track Macros?

  • Tedious: That’s why I created easy-to-use spreadsheet, even so, it’s not for everyone
  • Obsessive Personality: Driving yourself crazy to reach goals without some slack
  • This Isn’t Forever: You will not track for years because you’ll eventually settle on the routines that work for you
  • Habits Make it Effortless: Once you are dialed in, daily habits become the path to long-term success
  • Other Tracking/Accountability Methods: Written eating log, pictures of your meals, Instagram, Facebook Groups

Tracking my numbers with a spreadsheet made me put the snack down in the store when I knew I’d have to log it later in the day (and feel bad about wrecking my progress).

It also showed me the macronutrient profile that allowed me to achieve my maintenance weight and feel healthier overall.

For me, it’s about 70% Fat / 20% Protein / 10% Carbohydrates.

If you are on a similar mission to live your best life and get the most from each day, use the Food & Health Tracker Spreadsheet to ensure your success!

Get Food & Health Tracker Spreadsheet!

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