I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked a variation of this question.

The truth is, I never had a specific number. Using BMI calculators and estimations, 140-150 lbs was a reasonable range.

I’m much more concerned with how I feel, how I look, and the other benefits derived from living a healthy lifestyle.

One thing I’ve realized on my weight loss journey is that when you set a goal to eat better, your eyes will open to the amount of forces working against you.

  • My mom constantly tells me I look too skinny.
  • My friends order pizza and fries and encourage me to have some.
  • There’s a family party loaded with bread, pasta and desserts.
  • Your co-worker wants to grab a beer after a hard day.
  • You have a craving for water ice during a hot summer night.
  • Every commercial you see is for high-carb, low-quality food, and you give in during your lunch break.
  • The grocery store is 80% high-carb, processed food.

Eating healthier is simple – even if you decide to consume more carbs than the keto diet meal plan.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes a lot of willpower.

And these factors don’t go away when you’ve reached your “goal weight”.

This is something I didn’t consider after losing weight in previous years. And it’s why I think concerning yourself with a specific number can do more harm than good.

For the past month, I’ve been in the 140-145 lb range. That’s okay with me.

Now my focus is on building muscle. Even with much less body fat, I could have more definition and core strength.

If this muscle develops, I realize I may gain weight since it’s more dense than fat. But it could burn more energy and further my weight loss.

My goal here is to see tangible results in the mirror, not on the scale.

Here’s the dichotomy – I still think you should weigh yourself often for the sake of self-tracking. More health information can only help your understanding of how nutrition and exercise affect your body.

Just don’t let a number define you!

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